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Solid Woods

Common  Hardwoods

>Hardwood Standards

Common Softwoods

>Softwood Standards


Cutting Grades

Commonly Used Softwoods

Cedar, Western Red

  • White to reddish brown
  • Closed texture, faint grain
  • Soft, flexible, weather resistant
  • Expensive
  • Finishes well, silk-screens well, used unfinished
  • Machines very well
  • " thickness readily available, thicker stock typically is not dried to a low enough moisture content to be useable for interior purposes.

Fir, Douglas

  • Nearly white
  • Grainy, lots of grain figure
  • Strong, stiff, moderately heavy
  • Moderate price
  • Finishes fair
  • Machines fair
  • Good availability in most sizes

vertical display casePine, Ponderosa

  • Nearly white
  • Soft texture, little grain pattern
  • Light, soft , flexible
  • Expensive
  • Finishes well
  • Machines very well

Pine, Eastern White

  • Nearly white
  • Soft texture, little grain pattern
  • Light, soft, flexible
  • Reasonably priced
  • Finishes well
  • Machines very well, typically dried to 10% M.C.
  • Good availability as random width stock  (Works well as rustic stock in displays.)

Pine, Southern Yellow

  • Yellowish
  • Closed texture, lots of grain figure
  • Hardest of pines, stiff, strong, heavy
  • Moderate price
  • Finishes fair to poor
  • Machines fair
  • Fair to good availability in most sizes


  • Yellowish white to white
  • Grainy, open texture
  • Fairly heavy, high in pitch, lots of small knots
  • Low price
  • Finishes poorly
  • Machines fair
  • Good availability as dimension lumber (2 x 4 etc.)


  • Cherry color to deep reddish brown
  • Open texture, little grain pattern
  • Soft, light, decay resistant
  • Expensive
  • Finishes well, often used unfinished
  • Machines very well
  • Good availability


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